Buyer Benefits

Buying at auction is great! As a buyer, you have the ability to name the price that want to pay. By participating in an auction, whether live or online, the you know you are dealing with a seller who is committed and motivated to sell. At auction, you are assured of a timely transfer of ownership and that the sales price reflects true market value. Knowing your closing date gives you the ability to make plans and have a stress free transaction. Terms and conditions of the auction are transparent so you know up front exactly what the transaction will look like. 

Our website provides a comprehensive review of the asset. Announcements will be made directly to computer, cell phone or tablet. Whatever technology format you may prefer (tablet, laptop, desktop, or phone), we are able to comminute effectively with you. Detailed descriptions and photos are provided online so you can make a bidding decision with confidence. We also provide you with public preview dates, allowing you to see in person those items you are interested in purchasing. 

We value our bidders. Thank you for registering for our auctions!

Upcoming Auctions