Seller Benefits

Seller Benefits

We turn your chaos into calm… after all, time is money! That’s why the auction method is a great option for sellers. Our format is uniquely equipped to bring qualified buyers in the shortest period of time, eliminating and/or reducing the long-term carrying costs you incur with each month of ownership. Our bidding is open to a large group of buyers beyond our local sphere of influence or geographic area. With the auction format, you have the assurance that your real estate and personal assets will be sold at fair market value. Using our in-house advertising company, we provide intense marketing plans that expose your property to the largest pool of qualified buyers. Many times, our approach can even halt the local market for your asset, bringing the spotlight to rest solely upon your asset. This accelerated marketing approach allows you to close on your sale within a shorter time frame.

We choose a date specific and call for bids to come in by our set schedule. This approach creates that sense of urgency which in turn, drives the market to our bidding platform. Our contracts are drafted as “non-contingency” or selling “As-Is, Where Is”. This gives you the freedom from buyer or lender demands with regards to the condition of the asset being sold. 

Finally, in an auction, the bidding begins at much lower price than anticipated, gradually increasing thru competing bidding, insuring that the final, winning bid is the highest the market will bear.

Simply put, the auction method enables you to turn your assets into cash, on YOUR terms and in YOUR timeframe.  

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