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“My love of Star Wars has been and will always be strong”

214 Y original at-at star wars empire strikes back

If there is one thing that most Americans have in common, it is the Star Wars movies. The arrival of Shows such as THE MANDOLORIAN and THE CLONE WARS proves that power of Star Wars nostalgia is still running strong. As a 90’s kid, I grew up with Star Wars! My mother introduced me to the amazing characters that George Lucas created in 1977 and very quickly I was running to the toy store begging for Star Wars toys. I can remember fondly my Grandfather, Milton Sharp giving me an Imperial Walker for Christmas! My screams of delight were echoing through the hallways as IA Great Christmas Gift reenacted the battle of Hoth and my parent's living room was transformed into the snowy tundra of the battlefield! 


My love of Star Wars has been and will always be strong but as the years past it became something that I put away into the back of my mind only flaring back up when I saw the prequels and eventually the continuation of the story when Disney bought the rights from George Lucas. But recently my nostalgia was stoked yet again when my fellow auctioneer with The Swicegood Group, Inc. Auctions & Real Estate and Star Wars nerd Ron Helderman brought in an auction that caused my mandible to hit the floor. Boxes upon boxes of Star Wars Ships and Action figures from every era. From the original 1977 film to the modern era, our warehouse was transformed, and I felt like I was in a galaxy far, far away. This auction is for every type of Star Wars fan from the avid collector ogling over the rare Blue Snaggletooth action figure to the mother or father who wants to see their kids squeal with delight while playing with Luke’s X-Wing. I hope all who read this check out this amazing auction and may the force be with you!  Visit the auction at     

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