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“My love of Star Wars has been and will always be strong”

If there is one thing that most Americans have in common, it is the Star Wars movies. The arrival of Shows such as THE MANDOLORIAN and THE CLONE WARS proves that power of Star Wars nostalgia is still running strong. As a 90’s kid, I grew up with Star Wars! My mother introduced me to the amazing characters that George Lucas created in 1977 and very quickly I was running to the toy store begging for Star Wars toys. I can remember fondly my Grandfather, Milton Sharp giving me an Imperial Walker for Christmas! My screams of delight were echoing through the hallways as I reenacted the battle of Hoth and my parent's living room was transformed into the snowy tundra of the battlefield! 

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Star Wars, Star Trek & Sci-Fi Collectible Auction

How many of you can remember in 1977 anxiously awaiting the opening of the very first Star Wars movie? I know in our household it was all we could talk about from us in anticipation. I can remember loading up in the family station wagon and heading out to the theater near us hope and praying I can get a box of popcorn and maybe even a Coke.

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“The Power of Observation Lit His Way”

You may not know that Zippo Lighters’ origin came from the observation made by a gentleman attending a dinner dance at the Bradford Country Club in Bradford, PA in 1932. The poor fellow trying to light his smoke had to use both hands to get the Austrian-made lighter to come to life, and its thin metal surface dented easily to boot. It was the attendee, George G Blaisdell, who later would come to be known as “Mr. Zippo,” who made that 

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Turquoise Auction Delight!

Native Americans were known for their fascinating jewelry creations. From the earliest of times, tools fashioned to cut thru natural stones have been found and give testimony to the native peoples love of adornment in the form of bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, chokers, and rings to name a few. While many natural stones were used in these artistic works, turquoise became the favorite for the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes of the Southwest United States.

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14 Acre auction in Davie County,NC

14 Acres located in Davie County NC up for auction. Bid your price today!

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We make estate sales success!

Do you need to settle an estate? Real Estate? Personal property? We have the solution. Call us today. Let us take the worry off your shoulders.

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