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The Auction Method

The auction method of selling real estate and estates is a proven method that has been around for centuries. This method has stood the test of time and has become an increasingly popular way of selling property in North Carolina. Kyle Swicegood, Auctioneer and member of the National Auctioneers Association, is an experienced professional who can help you get the most out of this method of selling

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Top 10 Reasons to choose the Auction Method

There are many ways to sell assets today. In-person, online, contact, no contact, pick up, delivery, shipped, flat rate or fair market value. But the best way is via the auction method of marketing.

Here are the top 10 reasons, with all those options, you should choose the auction method to sell your assets.

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What is a Soft Close Auction ending

So you placed your bid on an item during the last minute of an online auction, thinking you snatched it before anyone else had the chance to outbid you. But then the time on the item extends, and you’re left wondering, “What happened?” No, it wasn’t a glitch you experienced⁠—it’s called a soft close (or dynamic ending) to an online auction lot, and this feature is commonly used in online auction

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Could the Holiday season the BEST time to sell my property?

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and even into the first few months of the new year, conventional wisdom and opinion is that the real estate market slows down to a crawl and that this is not a good time to buy or a sell. In all my years of real estate experience both traditional and auction method, I have witnessed this slowdown first-hand from mid-November until mid to late February (or longer). Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and why you should or shouldn’t make a real estate move during this time.

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Recommendations! We appreciate our valued clients

Significant life changes, downsizing, and estate consolidation are just a few of the things that we are able to provide professional services for. If you're in need to discuss estate settlement or downsizing, call today. 336-751-4444

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Why We’re the Best choice for Real Estate Auctions in Winston Salem, North Carolina

The Swicegood Group, North Carolina’s Real Estate Auction Experts


Why We’re the Best choice for Real Estate Auctions in Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Historic Davie County Home Sold at Auction

T. Kyle Swicegood, Lead Broker & Auctioneer for The Swicegood Group, Inc. announced Monday that the Historic Myers Home on Arrowhead Road in Mocksville, NC was sold at Auction. The home was sold using simulcast propriety bidding platform of the company. Swicegood called the live bid. There were live bidders and online bidders from the local community as well as two states represented.

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