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Lewis Swicegood Earns His Certified Auctioneer Institute Designation

T Kyle Swicegood is  thrilled to congratulate Lewis Swicegood, Auctioneer and Broker for the Swicegood Group, Inc., on a remarkable achievement! Lewis has successfully completed the intensive Certified Auctioneer Institute three-year course study at Indiana University, sponsored by The National Auctioneers Association.

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My First Introduction to Auctions

A few nights before my mom and dad’s return from their trip, Granddaddy took us to a Friday night auction. It was located at the building in Rowan County that now houses Ivan’s Restaurant. I recall the auctioneer calling bids, popcorn being popped and sold, and lines of products being offered. It was and Auction and we were excited.

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A Seamless Journey: A Google Review for The Swicegood Group

The auction method requires detail. In a landscape where exceptional service can feel like a rarity, the experience with The Swicegood Group stands out as a beacon of excellence. The recent Google review paints a vivid picture of a journey marked by ease, transparency, and unparalleled support from every member of the team.

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A Heartfelt Gesture: The Swicegood Group Teams Up with the Winston Salem Rescue Mission

In a world where selflessness and compassion seem to be increasingly rare, there are still beacons of light shining brightly, illuminating the path of kindness and empathy. Recently,  lead by Angela Williams at The Swicegood Group, the company teamed up with the Winston Salem Rescue Mission to provide a Friday evening meal for members of the Rescue Mission. This collaboration speaks volumes about the power of community, empathy, and the willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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Embracing Innovation and Connection: The Swicegood Group at NAA’s 2024 Executive Symposium

In the heart of January, amidst the winter chill, something transformative stirred in the realm of auctioneering and business leadership. T. Kyle Swicegood and Elizabeth Swicegood, the executive duo behind The Swicegood Group, Inc., embarked on a journey of enlightenment and innovation at the NAA’s 2024 Executive Symposium. This symposium, adorned with a fresh perspective after a hiatus of more than a decade, promised an experience like no other, nestled in the serene embrace of an island resort.

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Kyle Swicegood with Irene & Bobby Cheek and Charlie Diehl

96-Year-Old Clemmons Auctioneer Among 10 Licensees Honored for 50 Years of Active Licensure

Mr. Bobby F. Cheek of Clemmons started his auctioneering career in 1964, focused largely on estate auctions in Forsyth County and surrounding areas. Mr. Cheek recently turned 96! NCALB member T. Kyle Swicegood of Mocksville visited with Mr. Cheek at his home in Clemmons on October 30th to personally thank and congratulate him, and to present Mr. Cheek with a commemorative plaque. Swicegood told Cheek,  “The integrity in which you have demonstrated for 50 years is a lasting testament to your character. Auctioneers like me stand on your shoulders”

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Bidders from Around the Country

Arbiters come from around the country and sometimes from other countries. Auction is a powerful word.

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Upcoming Auctions