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Auctions Anywhere!

 I was actually in the Philadelphia airport boarding a plane when, I settled the transaction when I returned.

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32000 Feet Bid!

Our bidding app has transacted thousands of sales!

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Making Challenging Times Easier

We make challenging times eaiser. Real Estate & Personal property are what our team specialize in!

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Swicegood interviewed by the Davie County Chamber of Commerce

Kyle Swicegood was interviewed by the Davie County Chamber of Commerce about his role in the local economy and what the Swicegood Group provides to clients and custormers.

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Real Estate & Auction firm represents Thomas Jefferson decendent

 She kept writing and said, Thomas Jefferson....the eighth?? He said yes, I am the 8th descendant from Thomas Jefferson. By the way…. You can call him “Jeff."
America's third president, Thomas Jefferson married Martha Skelton and of their six children only two girls made it to adulthood. Their first born child was Martha Jefferson who later married Thomas Mann Randolph. 8 generations down the line enters Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Randolph.

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A Bid Thank You

Today, May 5, is National Auctioneers Day – a celebration of our profession and industry our company loves and wishes to provide you long into the future as we’ve done in the past.

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What will 2020 look like? Here’s a start!

This week, two of the Swicegood Group team ladies made their way to Bloomington, Indiana to Indiana University to sharpen their iron; and where iron sharpens iron you see the sparks of enlightenment that the National Auctioneers Association offers. CAI 2020 have a strong group of ladies who are taking this age-old industry into a new generation. For a week, CAI 2020 class, has been taught by some of the industry’s best. The program takes good auctioneers and makes them great!

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