Friendship is a Great By-Product

We use merisms often in sales, auctions and marketing. According to Wikipedia "Lock, stock, and barrel is a merism (figure of speech) used predominantly in the United Kingdom and North America, meaning 'all', 'total', 'everything'. The effective portions of a gun (or more specifically a musket) are the lock (used to hold ready the sparking mechanism), the stock (the portion held), and the barrel (the aiming guide and conveyor for the explosive-driven projectile). Collectively they are the whole weapon, and therefore everything."

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Cattle remind me of my past

Probably one of my favorite jobs as a child was working on a cattle farm.

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Land, We get it.

Land, they're not making anymore of it.

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Swicegood Receives Statewide Award for Website

The Swicegood Group, Inc. was awarded Saturday night at the Embassy Suite

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Local Beef Herd Dispersal.

Local Beef Herd Dispersal.

If you’re like me, you love livestock. Animals are one of the strongest links in the farm chain. We are excited about seeing where this small herd is transferred. Visit or call us for any questions. 336-751-4444

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Professional Holiday Lighting

By: Zach Johnson

If you dread the thought of climbing ladders and cheating death just to hang up Christmas lights, you’re not alone.

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