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Should you buy the iWatch?

iWATCH, whats the big deal?

Considering that our company does a tremendous amount of digital transactions, it goes without saying that the iWatch caught my eye. So after careful consideration, I decided to purchase the iWatch three series. It did not take me long to determine that this digital asset would be something that helped with my productivity. So here is my review as a marketer of real estate and assets regarding this watch.

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Bronze Sculpture by Erte

The Swicegood Group announced today the auction of a private living estate that includes the beautiful bronze sculpture entitled “The Wedding” by Erte. This delightful item was produced in 1986 and is number 160/375. It retails for $18,000.

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Historic Jefferson, NC Home Sold by Swicegood

The Swicegood Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful auction and real estate closing of the historic R.L. Ballou house located on North Main Street in Jefferson, NC. One of the finest homes in Ashe County, the distinctive slate roof was its hallmark.

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Swicegood Group Wins State Wide Advertising Award

Ashton Burton, announced on January 22, 2017 that The Swicegood Group, Inc. received a statewide Auctioneers Association of North Carolina Advertising award. The Advertising Award was for “Institutional: Direct Mail Best of Category, Auction business stationery; Stationery-Multi-color ink Best of Category.

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